What I learned about techniques for faster problem solving

Fast flowing water
Fast flowing water

I was recently introduced to the idea of “heuristics” as a valid(?) problem-solving technique.

Common Faults — A Heuristics Approach

The concept itself is quite simple — for any given fault, compile a list of known root-causes and/or solutions, and sort your list by decreasing frequency.

As a demonstration (with made-up data), if your problem is that the light(s) are not illuminated, the possible cause might be:

50% — The power is off at the light switch
25% — The bulb is blown
12% — The circuit breaker has tripped
6% — Someone left the main power switch off in…

Daymon Follett

Daymon helps people use technology to improve their lives. He enjoys problem solving, communication, teams, and values integrity, and quality customer service.

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